Different Types Of Air Compressors

Different Types Of Air Compressors

A compressor is primarily helpful in converting power coming from a gasoline or diesel engine and electric motor into kinetic energy through air pressurizing and compressing. This energy can be discharged in rapid bursts.

Choosing the right ‘compressor’ (also known as ‘kompressor test‘ in the Swedish language) is substantial for anyone who wants to have a machine like this. This is to avoid too much expense and save time and energy.

Stated below are the different types of air compressor with their pros and cons based on best air compressor reviews:

  • Reciprocating Air compressor

This type is often used for general purposes where air is used as a hand tool, cleaning dust, and small paint works. This is also one of the best used compressors. Especially, it uses a piston that transfers inside the tube to compress air. 

The inconvenience will be the resulting noise requires a sound resistance work area. It also has high ventilation heat from air and compressed oil must be present in air penetration.

  • Rotary Screw Air Compressor

This type of compressor is also popular for users according to the best compressor reviews. It has two helical screws that reduce volume when it turns to produce an increase in air compression. Basically, there are two types of compressors known as oil-free types and oil injection.

  • Scroll air compressor

The last type of compressor is known as the most elegant review of the best air compressor. This allows air compression through spiral features that can move . It’s most popular with users because it doesn’t produce sound at all and the design is very simple and doesn’t have some parts. The maintenance level is also the lowest and may not only be needed.

However, this type can be considered the most rare type of compressor because it is usually not visible on the market. It’s also a bit expensive and only has a low capacity. Compressed air products are also very hot compared to the type.